Business Partners

Our Business Partners are companies who want to promote their SEND (special educational needs and disabilities) provision, activities and events.  They are passionate about inclusivity and ensuring individuals/families have the best possible experience.  We have partnered with a variety of local and national companies from photography to farm parks, to music venues to soft plays.
If you would like more details on how to become a Business Partner please email us. [email protected]

  • Titch Tetley photography

Description from Titch Tetley LMPA: I love to take photos – natural, relaxed images that capture a moment, a smile, an expression, an occasion…. a second in time which you can keep, treasure, share or bury somewhere to dig out in years to come and be so glad that you have a record…a visual, tangible memory. I have been taking photographs all my life and have been a professional photographer for the last five years. I have undertaken extensive training and I specialise in portrait photography – newborns, babies, children and families.

I appreciate that for some a photo shoot can be a little daunting and children who have additional needs may feel overwhelmed.  I ensure that everyone feels at ease and feels part of the experience.  p of their consultants I am striving to make these photo shoots support individuals with additional needs.  I am really excited in this next chapter of the business making it more inclusive and accessible for all.  


  • Yippee Adventures 

Description: Ready? Steady? Yippee! Let’s adventure! At Yippee, we believe experiences matter way more than stuff, and our whole ethos is centred around facilitating fun learning activities every child should do before they grow-up. 
I made a rocket! I went on a bug hunt! I was a pirate for a day!’
Designed in consideration of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths), we create a range of high-quality unique activity kits that give the green light for special times with your little adventurer. 
• Be a space explorer by making your own planet and constellations!
• Plant, grow and eat your own food!
• Make your own campfire and tent puppet theatre!
• Create your own castle and peg princess, dragon, king and knight!

We are currently collaborating with Hard Days Out-Made Easy, and with the help of their consultants we are developing Yippee Adventures to support individuals with additional needs.  We are really excited in this next chapter of the business making it more inclusive and accessible for all.


  • Get Clarity: Let Go 

Description: I see synchronicity in what we’re offering as the whole premise of what I offer is that we transform ‘hard days out’ into ‘easy ones’, by changing our beliefs! I’m an autism mum so I TOTALLY get that there are practical considerations as well as attitudinal ones.  I’m all in favour of making practical steps AND attitudinal ones. These counselling sessions have helped me and other come up with both. Sometimes one comes first, other times the other, even both at once occasionally!