Workshops & Training

Workshops and training are effective in supporting venues, attractions and businesses to support and develop their inclusion and disability understanding. 

My aim is to support businesses to be as inclusive for those with additional needs as it is without. 

The workshop is approached from a customer perspective, and you will have genuine personal experiences to share which will in turn enhance your people understanding.

As well as understanding more about disability, your business will come away with ideas and suggestions that can be implemented immediately to make it more inclusive.  The 3 hour workshop will give your business a good understanding which in turn will help to make you more inclusively aware.


Who is the workshop aimed at?

I work with a range of businesses, with people in different job roles and sectors. I work with numerous clients from the leisure industry, visitor attractions, heritage sites and museums, corporate businesses and clubs and societies.

What do you gain from attending?

A clear understanding of hidden disabilities and how to support and work with these customers and members within your contact.  I am a specialist in autism and use personal, lived examples of additional needs and disability, and years of experience in education and business. This means disability is always present when we deliver the workshop, and we draw upon genuine personal examples to enrich your experience.

What do I do that is different from other workshops? 

My personal down-to-earth approach and lived experience, brings clarity and ideas that can be implemented immediately.  I provide constructive tools and insight into inclusion and disability, with a fresh outlook and renewed ideas so you can move forward with your team, customers and members.


  • A more inclusive and disability aware venues, attraction or business
  • Greater people understanding within your company
  • Ideas to engage with your additional needs and disability community
  • Customers feel valued and supported.


  • Inclusion & Disability awareness
  • Dispelling the myths of autism
  • Growing your business focused on inclusion
  • Flexible working for individuals who have dependents with additional needs
  • Supporting and recruiting individuals with additional needs.

“A massive THANKS to you for inspiring us all yesterday! It felt as though we could have continued the discussion all day. You were so enthusiastic and down to earth that we all felt so comfortable asking anything (even silly questions!)”

Sally-Ann Rhodes, Group & Corporate Sales Manager, Everyman Theatre, Cheltenham