Charity Partners


Our Charity Partners are clubs, venues or associations who have charity status and support individuals and families who have disabilities.  They might run specific clubs to support individuals with disabilities, support groups or help encourage their community to become more inclusive and diversity. 

If you would like more details on how to become a Charity Partner please email us. [email protected]

  • BEAM accessible gymnastics club

Description: BEAM! Gymnastics is an accessible gymnastics club supporting children with additional emotional, physical, behavioural and sensory challenges.  Gymnastics sessions are run in small groups, with blocks of approx. 6 weekly sessions, each session includes warm up games, movement to music, apparatus circuits and cool down.  There is a break out area with dark den and sensory toys and lighting.  Sessions currently run from venues in Cirencester and Fairford. 

  • Disability Sport in Swindon

Description: Disability Sport in Swindon is a service aimed at offering the best opportunities for adults and young people with a physical and/or learning disability to take part in sport and physical activity. We offer a wide range of low cost, fun, safe and inclusive activities that are not only beneficial for physical health, but also emotional well-being. These sessions have a great community feel, where participants look forward to seeing each other at the sessions and make friends for life, our coaches understand this is an important aspect of the activities and have nurtured a totally supportive environment for any individual to take part in.