Inclusion Business Consultancy

I work in partnership directly with businesses with specific projects, bringing a wealth of personal and professional experience to enhance your projects further.

Whether you have a big or small project, my expertise, knowledge and lived experiences with help to support you and your team to have an increased understanding of additional needs and disabilities.  

I can offer support and advice in a number of ways: 


Whether you have a team of 5 or 50, I can create a tailored package of training to the needs of your team.  I have worked with businesses at the start of their inclusion and disability, and others who have already have string foundations but want to take their ideas to the next level.  


For many the language and terminology within the field of additional needs and disabilities is daunting, so I can guide you through this process.  You run a club or society, have a monthly disability session at your venue, or you need to support to run seasonal events.  


As a starting point, many people want their whole team to have an overview and understanding of the world of additional needs and disabilities.  I have worked with clients where they have huge teams of volunteers, so having an event which tackles some of these issue is a great starting point. 


Clients I have worked with: