Reviewer Martina Smith

My name is Martina and I am mummy to two lovely little boys aged 8 and 3. I was a primary school teacher but had to give up work to look after my eldest son who has a diagnosis of Dravet Syndrome (a severe epilepsy syndrome).  The poor seizure control we had in the early years of his life, coupled with frequent hospital admissions and appointments made full time work impossible but I did go back to university part time and am now in my final year completing a doctorate in early childhood, education and disability.

Going out and about I am always mindful of emergency access in case of a prolonged seizure and have to consider how to transport the oxygen cylinder we carry with us together with emergency medication and a portable sats monitor. Heat, tiredness and low blood sugar are all seizure triggers so are all factors to consider when planning our days out. With care and consideration in our planning, we have plenty of fabulous days out and focus on the lovely things we can do together which I am happy to share on ‘Hard Days Out – Made Easy’.