Our online community that seeks to encourage and support individuals and families with additional needs and disabilities. By giving appropriate information and all the tricks & tips to help them access the same learning experiences and enjoyment.The website lists; museums, attractions, days out, shops, restaurants, classes, leisure/sports and events.

Our simple, but effective reviews, ensure that followers can find quick at a glance information to support their day out.  We also have more detailed and thorough reviews which are researched by our followers. 

Our reviews are based upon people’s honest experiences whilst they are out and about.  We want to support and help families and individuals who have additional needs and/or disabilities, and create a go-to place for everyone. 

We have THREE types of review: 

1.”At A Glance” reviews. (FREE)

2.”On The Spot” reviews. (Gifted day pass)

3. “Visitor Experience” reviews. (£250 including an annual subscription to our membership scheme) 


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