Bristol Aquarium


In the heart of Bristol you will discover more than 40 naturally-themed displays and spot the thousands of amazing aquatic creatures, including tropical sharks, rays, seahorses, puffer fish, piranhas, and so many more. There is a mix of tropical fish from around the world, as well as many that are native to the UK’s waters, so you can get a better understanding of the creatures that live on home shores and further afield.

They are the only aquarium in the UK to feature a giant botanical house, known as Urban Jungle.  You will find hundreds of exotic plant and tree species from around the world here, as well as open-topped Bay of Rays and the Mighty Amazon Pools, home to terrapins and freshwater fish.

Review by Charlotte: 

We were throughly rained on yesterday after visiting @bristolaquarium as a reviewer for @hard_days_out – but the day itself wasn’t a total wash out 🤣😁👌.

🌧 🌧 🌧

My boys zoomed around in about 30 minutes (they find standing and looking at things a little tiresome) but the point of @hard_days_out reviews are to consider the many needs of families and their children and we decided for many families @bristolaquarium deserves a thumbs up. 👍.

As the rain came down I chatted to one of the managers who explained their attitudes towards helping children with varying needs and it was really great to hear how flexible they are willing to try to be in order to make days out a little easier and more enjoyable for families willing to spend their money at the aquarium.

Pros for Bristol Aquarium

👍 helpful and happy staff team

👍 great accessibility

👍 use of first aid room upon request

👍 once you’ve paid you can come and go throughout the day as you please.

👍 one set of ear defenders available behind the front desk, first come first served

👍 carers go free


Possible improvements:

  • Lanyard / bracelet system for families with children with invisible disabilities.
  • A team member specifically trained to assist families with children with need.
  • More ear defenders.
  • Specific and timetabled times for quieter sessions.

Favourite animal seen – leopard eel 👍

Hope you have fun if you visit 🐟 .