Didcot Railway Centre

My best experience was the steam railway. We went to didcot for the santa thomas express experience and it was fantastic. Staff were kind and patient, spoke to the children at their level and gave them time to process what they had heard. Each train was pre booked so that there were small groups of children with no rushing, no queuing and very little waiting around. There was lots to do but equally no pressure to do anything. Lots of free flow time where children could play on and explore the tracks and the other trains, little museum areas and activities to keep the children entertained everywhere, again the kids could avoid these if they wished. Whilst waiting for santa we were on a train carriage in a very laid back atmosphere with plenty of staff on hand who were all very friendly and welcoming. Santa was not imposing. He was sat in the back of the grotto carriage and children could decide when/how/if to approach him. They were given a little gift (my boy hated wrapping paper at the time so they allowed him to choose an unwrapped gift. Throughout the experience there were plenty of accessible toilets and areas to eat and drink. It truly was a fantastic day for all.