Godolphin Estate-National Trust


Godolphin Estate is a National Trust Property within Cornwall. Known locally to be great for families, interesting, exciting, accessible and inclusive for all children along with adults who have additional needs and/or different abilities.

It is rich in archaeology and wildlife. You can travel back in time as you wander around the 16th-century garden, one of the most important historic gardens in Europe.

Explore the wider estate, boasting Leeds engine house and stack, the remains of the Godolphin family mine. Don’t forget to visit Godolphin Hill on the south-westerly reaches of the estate. Here you can breathe in some of the best views in Cornwall looking out over St Ives Bay to the north and the famous St Michael’s Mount to the south.

Disappear into the tranquil and mysterious woodland, where the years of mining have left an unnatural, undulating landscape. Go for a stroll along the river and don’t forget to stop for a refreshing cup of tea and slice of home-made cake in our tea-room.

Open on selected dates, Godolphin House was one of the most fashionable houses in Cornwall in the 17th century. You can soak up the atmosphere of peace and antiquity as you explore this romantic home.


Review by Leanne: 

I loved that we could park so closely with our blue badge. If you don’t have a blue badge, parking is still close and you gain access to the entrance by doing an approximate 5-minute walk along pretty, flat Countryside. Where the Blue Badge holder parking is, there is also ample of additional parking for regular cars with able and non-SEND passengers.

I found reception within the Café a little constricting, of both time to process entry and space to wait for the process to be completed, Hugo became bored and wanted to go – after playing with all the toys in their ‘shop’ area and me giving him lots of negative conversation (“no you can’t have that” which could of resulted in an episode). This could have been improved by the staff recognizing that I had children with me and making it speedier. I also had to wait for the Bat-trail forms, which meant more build up of anxiety and frustration for Hugo. However, they were all very friendly and the Café itself looked lovely. In hindsight I would have spoken to them beforehand to explain about Hugo’s additional needs and I am sure they would have supported this. Also, lanyards would have been great for staff to identify Hugo as SEND.

I like that Godolphin Estate wasn’t too big, it was simple, it was easy, and it felt very safe. Hugo most importantly felt safe and explored and enjoyed all the nooks and crannies within all the old buildings. Their Halloween activities were Lovely. Hugo enjoyed them all! The storyteller was magical, and Hugo was very engaged. Their bat making arts & crafts section was excellent!

And their Barefoot Trail and Mud Kitchen were both super for those all-important sensory kicks for Hugo, which he loves! Muddy hands, muddy feet, making potions in the Kitchen and shapes with his feet in the trail, these two sections of the Estate were brilliant and worth coming back for.

Wellies are a must! And only give it half a day, a full day is not required here. My biggest tip to this site would be to make more of the outbuildings, add some activities, things to do, indoor play and more outdoor play areas (swing/slide etc).



Blue Badge Holder parking situated by entrance. Wheelchair and Buggy ramps placed throughout. Some areas are unsuitable, such as – upper floors in older part of the buildings.