GWR (Great Western Railway)

Review by Vic: 
Travelling by train Great Western Railway 
So many train companies are so supportive of individuals with accessibility issues which is great.
However, many companies such as TFL are offering signposting signals to staff and the public for those with invisible disabilities.
Last weekend we travelled on GWR and I can honestly say I have never seen the train so packed: hen dos, football supporters, holiday makers, day trippers…
We ended getting “crowd moved” into a carriage and then moved out again due to drinks trolley.
Jimmy shouting “I need to sit down” “I need to sit down” (by the way no one offered a seat).
We ended up in First Class.
I explained to the member of staff that we weren’t first class but my son was autistic and  just needed to sit.
His was response “no problem I’ll let the train manager know”.
We later saw the train manager who reassured me explaining “it’s really busy, noisy and packed in their just stay where you are”.
So big thanks to GWR for making such a simple but effective “reasonable adjustment” and to the couple who sat opposite and were welcoming of us in first class!
It just shows what could have escalated into an epic meltdown resulted in such a positive start to our day out.
👍 👍 👍