Healey’s Cornish Cyder Farm


Healeys Cyder Farm is a very popular well known, POI in Cornwall. As well as being one of the most popular, largest alcoholic beverage suppliers too – of the famous “Rattler” Cyder, along with many many other home-grown and home-made delights!

Situated just minutes from the A30, Healeys welcomes you with ample parking, lots of fab blue badge holder spaces and smiley friendly staff await you just meters from the Car Park in their new grand main entrance.

Review by Leanne: 

Hugo and I wanted to visit, along with other friends and family members to see their changes over the years, view their improvements and assess where they are on the inclusive scales.

The welcome from Jake and Marion in the Shop was Fantastic! They were aware we were coming beforehand so it would have been great to of perhaps have some SEND information on hand ready to give me, but equally I could have just asked, but it is hard with Hugo raring to go! We soon after arrival, were ready to attend our prebooked session on the Tractor to the “Pumpkin Patch” and tour around the Orchards. This section of our visit was superb! A huge blast of fresh air, exciting for Hugo, and he got to explore and play in the Patch and hay bales freely without any of those darn stiff staff members with all that negative verbal demands saying “NO! don’t do this and don’t do that!!” so he thoroughly enjoyed this.

We then went through the Orchards which was spectacular! And arrived back at the main part of the Farm. Sadly, Healeys don’t allow Picnics onsite which I find a little restricting, especially as I have a child with SEN. Luckily, Hugo was “in the mood” to sit and he enjoyed his bread and butter after a terribly long wait at the very quiet till area.

I feel that Healeys lack in things to do for children, there isn’t a play area inside or outside – really, the only things childlike are the farm animals and tractor ride and perhaps viewing the product making if your child has an interest in this section. We therefore decided to head home, and on the way back to the car spotted a closed down outdoor bar and a deserted spot of sand – the three children including Hugo played here and made their own little world with natural resources for a whole 2 hours! Which just shows to me how much they need to do for children. To end, we returned to our car which was parked in a fabulous blue badge location right by the Visitors entrance.

Overall, as mentioned before above – I’d give this little gem a 6/10 from a parent with a SEND child’s point of view only. The positives are that it is very interesting, lessons to be learnt and very educational, lots of outside space with an exciting tractor ride! A very spacious Café with a Lovely fire in the center, with private sections if preferred.

Accessibility Information: 

If the weather is glorious, Healeys is worth a visit – but give yourself just half a day. Not great for any form of wheels due to the bumpy cobbles everywhere! But doable if you don’t mind the uneven surfaces. It is flat, interesting, engaging, hands-on, educational and friendly. For SEN parents and carers, expect an overall 6/10 day. Healey’s Cyder Farm has ample Blue Badge Holder parking spaces. The grounds of the venue are very cobbly, however generally flat and minimal steps. I would say, that overall it would be very uncomfortable for wheelchair users and prams/buggies with all the bumps from the cobbles/brick flooring. They do have a disabled loo, however no hoist.