Malvern Splash

Malvern Splash:


Malvern Splash is Leisure Complex is one of the best swimming & fitness facilities in the area. It has a Swimming pool with wave machine, slides, gym and fitness classes.

Swim Sessions:

The sessions run during most school holidays on Tuesdays 10.30am-12noon.

The sessions are great fun and only cost £1 per swimmer.  There’s no need to book … just come along and enjoy yourself in a great atmosphere.

Multi Activity Club:

MAC (Multi Activity Club) for adults and non-mainstream education young people takes place every Thursday 10am-12noon at the Pemberton Centre.  It costs just £3 a session for are plenty of activities to enjoy.

The club which provides a variety of sports and recreational activities including the use of an (IFI) accredited Gym has an open policy and costs £3 for participants living with a disability.  Entrance price includes refreshments and parents/carers are free.

Regular activities include Archery, Trampoline, Inclusive Fitness Initiative (IFI) Accredited Gym, Boccia, Kurling, Table Tennis, Pool, Air Hockey and Basketball while other activities such as an Inflatable Climbing Wall are available occasionally.

Review by Caroline:

I was at Malvern Splash a few months ago, as school had a private booking, and the Disability Session was mentioned, so we have been a few times since.  I think that you just pay for the child – carers go free.  Probably worth double checking, but the times we have been we have paid £2.20 (once for 1 x carer and 1 x child) and the same for 2 x carer/parent and 1 x child. Which is why I think you just pay for the child.

They don’t have the slides operating at this time. And the Waves aren’t on either.  But you do have access to the whole pool and it’s really quiet.  They do have huge floats that you can play with – which our son loves.