Manchester Airport Special Assistance


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Manchester Airport special assistance: 

Manchester Airport offer as much or as little assistance as you require to travel through the airport to/from your flight. You book assistance with your airline and their service provider will receive notification of your request, on arrival at the airport their teams will be expecting you and you will be able to register your arrival at the airport at one of the reception points located in each terminal check-in area or at one of the help points in the car parks or Station if you arrive at the airport this way.  Their teams will be able to assist you through all or part of your journey depending on your preference, you’ll be able to discuss this with them at the time. Once at the boarding gate their teams will either be able to assist you via the airbridge onto the aircraft or provide a high lift if the flight is being boarded by steps. Finally, on arrival their team will meet you at the aircraft and assist you all the way through the airport if you require.

Other facilities:

  1. Sunflower lanyards are available for passengers who may not want to share details of their invisible disabilities or use our assistance service. The idea behind these are to identify you to staff as someone who may need additional support or understanding. The website states “Our staff have been specially trained to recognise the lanyards and act accordingly.” Also, “Please note this lanyard permits access to our family and priority lanes at security as well as the use of our special assistance lanes at the UK Border on arrival into Manchester Airport.”To pick up a lanyard at Manchester, you need to go to the Assistance Reception areas. These are available within our Check-in halls in Terminal 1 A and B, Terminal 2 and Terminal 3. They are also happy to give you a lanyard, even if you haven’t requested or need special assistance.
  2. The Sunflower Room in Terminal 1 is to aid Special Assistance Guests who need to break away from the noise, bright lights and crowds of the main Departure Lounge to help them relax and feel calm in a quieter environment. Guests who require use of the room will be guided here as part of the Special Assistance Service.
  3. Changing places toilets  n each terminal; all are located air-side within the departure lounge. There is a courtesy phone located outside each of the Changing Place facilities. Simply lift the receiver and dial 2135 to receive the pin code to enter. There will be someone available to answer your call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Assistance Dogs: 

Assistance dogs are allowed into the terminal building and may travel on aircraft providing they comply with the Pets Passport Scheme. They have two assistance dog relief areas at the airport. The first is before security and is located next to the Meet & Greet parking area and the second is located after security.