National History Museum London

Natural History Museum London

A great “bucket list” place to take the family and learn about science, history and nature.  Even as I child I hadn’t been and so we decided to try it out with our toddler and 7 year old son.  There is so much to do, see and interact with.  However, even though we had fast passes it was extremely busy (it was the school holidays) and was definitely a sensory overload.  The Natural History Museum does have autism and SEND early starts and sessions so well worth looking out for.  Also, I would definitely consider going at the beginning of the day, or on  a random INSET day when other kids are in school.

We didn’t venture into the cafe but they have children’s options, hot food, snacks and cakes.  There are lifts, accessible toilets, clearly labelled maps on every level and brilliant signs throughout the venue.  If we went back I would definitely think more about where we were going first (the dinosaur area gets really busy so bear this in mind).

I have written my review in a poem…something different but our “day” out was fun, funny and one of my favourites!

So one day you will conform and feel the need to go,
To the big smoke London with two kids in tow!
We went to the natural history museum Dinos are His fav,
And luckily they let special needs families in first with just a quick wave.
We battle the big lines inside, loud noises and all,
At times it felt more like hideous shopping in some noisy shopping mall.
We saw T. rex, the blue whale and a hump back,
But had a little problem involving an oatcake unappealing snack.
It was spat on the floor for hundreds to see,
But not so quickly as I grabbed it, popped it in my mouth, only me!
Lessons learnt and fun was had but it didn’t last all day,
Only one hour was it worth it you say?!!!

3 top tips
1. Have decent snacks on day trips (not rubbish oatcakes)
2. Have evidence of your child having special needs as this massively helped with queuing but they didn’t ask directly.
3. Leave all expectations at home (one hour was an achievement)