Old Wardour Castle Sailsbury

Old Wardour Castle, near Tisbury, is set in the countryside of Wiltshire. It was built in the 14th century as a fortified residence. It’s just for children for them to explore the grotto and the castle rooms, and climbing the stairs to the top, and there is lots of space to play, have a snack or a picnic.  It’s a great place for adults to enjoy the beautiful views and marvel at the castle ruins. The main part of the castle is accessible for all, but there are lots of stairs if you want to explore all of the castles.

They don’t have a cafe, however, there is a vending machine that sells snacks and hot drinks, and they have a few picnic tables and a few benches around the venue.

Have a look at the “access” link above as there is lots of inforation.  With regards to parking there are two disabled bays in the car park, both of which are located around 20 metres from the main gates. They also allow you to drop to the main entrance if required. Personally, this type of visit would only last about an hour, but if we had nice weather we would definitely be able to go for a lovely walk.