What We Offer

1.Report, Plan, Sort: Developing strategies, ideas and support to enhance SEND understanding and the inclusivity of your business. Centred on an individualised approach tailored to your business and client needs. A report and plan of ideas focused on your company with “quick wins” which can be adapted at no or low cost.  The “sorts” can involve training, resources, digital platforms and policy writing.

2.Training: Tailored training based on the need of your business. This could be all people or particular departments within the company.  It also could be for a specific event or project that you are tackling, or something very general.

3.Inclusion workshops: These 3 hour events are open to all business, communities and charities who have an interest in developing their inclusion agenda and understanding.

4.Inclusion business consultancy: We work in partnership directly with businesses with specific projects.  We bring a wealth of personal and professional experience to enhance your projects further.