Who We Are



harddaysout.com made easy  seeks to encourage and support families with individuals and children with additional needs, by giving appropriate information and all the tips & tricks to help them access the same enjoyment during a day out, activity or experience.  Our reviews are helpful for all individuals and families.
The website lists; museums, attractions, days out, shops, restaurants, classes, leisure/sports and events. The team thoroughly research the venues and write reviews on how days out for families with children additional needs could be more manageable and enjoyable. We aim to work with these venues so that all families and individuals can enjoy the experience and so the hard day out is made easy.


After eight years of raising her son with autism, Vicki noticed that not every venue understands how they can help families like hers. She began researching places to go that might be suitable which was time consuming. It was difficult to find the information on whether they had fast passes, carer passes, enclosed areas and soon realised a lot of venues were not always catering for the needs of both hidden and visible additional needs/disabilities in a transparent style. If she was struggling there must be hundreds of other families in the same position who needed help making these hard days out more easy.  Vicki is fortunate to have an amazing team who are passionate about inclusion and disability who work within the business in many different areas.


Within the UK there are over 11 million adults and 2 million children with a disability.  Many companies, businesses, services and clubs are only just beginning to acknowledge the need to be more inclusive and disability aware.

Our aim is to “Make venues, clubs, organisations & business as inclusive for individuals with additional needs as it is for those without”.

We work with businesses and companies offering personalised tailored training which can be delivered on site for your specific needs and wants.  Also, we offer other services such as support with specific events, development of resources, business inclusion consultancy, policy writing and criteria testing of people within your company. 

Our campaign is to support people within a business to be inclusion and disability aware which will in turn will support and help our overall community.