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I am an inclusion and Disability Consultant working with a variety of businesses, venues and attractions to promote better understanding and knowledge of inclusion and disability. I work with such a diverse range of people and businesses; from local attractions, to national brands, clubs and societies, retailers and corporate firms.

My background in education over the last 18 years gives me the foundations to delivery effective training and advice.

During my career I have trained and coached trainee teachers and worked with a variety of universities; managed teams and departments; and worked with thousands of young people. I am currently studying a post graduate in autism which is enhancing my knowledge of the condition, and hugely supports me with my business.

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I absolutely love what I do. Whether meeting teams within a company, speaking at events and conferences, enabling clients to network and collaborate about ways they can be more inclusive, or working on tailored specific projects. I am energetic and passionate, which is infectious to the people I work with. I have many years of personal and professional experience, which makes the work I do truly tailored to your needs.

Please send me an email to find out how I can connect with you and your business.

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